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In Berea, Kentucky, the local government decided to take it upon themselves and invest in art, and it seems to be working. Southern Living Magazine named it America's most popular small town, according to a recent survey of more than 1,000 people in Kentucky.

I think it's good that the art community can publish itself and sell its goods, but what has happened in 125 years is that there have not been any individual artists who have been as active in the art community as there are today. We held a summer festival in the amphitheatre, which was very popular and attracted many people. Berea earned a designation through Kentucky state legislation and they have provided funding for the construction of the state's Craft Center.

If you visit the Kentucky Artisan Center, you will notice that it plans to involve the community in the design, construction, and operation of the arts and crafts center, as well as in the development of an art gallery and gallery space.

With works from across the state, the Berea Gallery will highlight the best of the good and showcase the best examples of Kentucky art. It is also an $8.75 million facility that will serve as a one-stop shop for those interested in visiting BereA and Kentucky's regional arts and crafts. There could also be a Bereas incubator programme in the village, where members "works are exhibited in a gallery. The Kentucky Artisan Center of Bere A is a partnership between the Kentucky Arts and Crafts Center and the University of Southern Kentucky.

As the name suggests, everything is made in the store - in Kentucky - with the works of more than 650 craftsmen represented. The center's Artisan Cafe and Grill will serve breakfast and lunch, and Kentucky Proud will serve local produce and specialties from the Bluegrass State, such as roast catfish and Kentucky Derby pie. In addition to selling works by more than 700 Kentucky artisans, including art, crafts, food, books and maps, the Kentucky Artisans Center will display exhibits that change throughout the year.

Members of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen will exhibit their work at the center for the first time each spring and summer.

Dinah Tyree creates beautiful landscape and Kentucky pictures with her delicate brush. The exhibit includes a video produced by CBS 'Sunday Morning, Wendell Berry's Kentucky State Capitol painting and a collection of photographs from the museum's collection. Women writers support the center's mission to create a space for women writers of color in Kentucky's arts and culture. We are producing an exhibition celebrating the achievements of ten Kentucky women with ten native plants.

The silver signature line of the savane consists of Kentucky agate, which varies in color, shape, size, coloring and texture as well as in a variety of colors. Nora is a member of the American Craftsman's Guild of Kentucky and a member of the Society of American Painters and Sculptors.

Beginning in 1977 by the Kentucky Extension Homemakers' Association, the tapestry took three years to develop and assemble, involving more than 100 members of the local community, as well as state and federal government. Today it is part of Kentucky Folk Art Month, a nonprofit affiliated with MSU dedicated to raising awareness and appreciation of Kentucky Folk Art.

It is officially the first Kentucky Folk Art Month tapestry in Berea's history, but other art-centered venues in and around Berea are following the tradition of their local artists.

Whether you just want to admire the works of local artists or look for a unique souvenir from your visit, every time you visit the Kentucky Artisan Center, you will find an unforgettable collection of creative expressions. I can promise you It's a different experience every time I stop here and the displays are constantly changing. Nashville attracts country musicians, albeit on a small scale, but the Kentucky Folk Art Capital Kentucky attracts visual artists, ceramists and traditional craftsmen. In 2012, Berea, Kentucky, a city of 1.5 million people, was named a Certified Cultural District and the state's capital of Folk Arts and Crafts.

When I visit Berea every year, I stop there and visit the Kentucky Artisan Center, where I find things made and marketed by the Berea College of Crafts, such as a broom workshop, ceramics shop, art gallery and craft market.

The Folk Art Center, which began in the late 1970s as the Kentucky Folk Arts and Crafts Center in Berea, Kentucky. Since the Legislature has designated it the "Capital of the Folk Arts and Crafts of Kentucky," this is the first time that a Kentucky arts and crafts company has its headquarters in or in BereA. It featured on the covers of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, and featured nationally known folk artists from Kentucky as well as emerging artists from around the country.

More About Berea

More About Berea