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If you want to see some of the best artwork in the country, check out one of these 10 fantastic museums in Kentucky. There are only a few things to explore in the best museums in Kentucky, but if you decide to venture inside, you will find original art created by renowned Kentucky artists.

This guide will not give you everything you don't see in the state, not even all your destinations, but you will get a taste of what Kentucky has to offer. Art collectors, art travelers and artists will find this guide very useful. Check online all year round so you can dive deeper next time.

The Ark Encounter, located 40 miles from the museum in Williamstown, Kentucky, brings Noah's Ark to life and enables visitors to understand the reality of the events recorded in the Book of Genesis. Located west of Cincinnati Airport in St. Petersburg Kentucky, accredited media and Creation Museum supporters can visit the media page for more information. The Christian evangelical public relations firm Answer in Genesis is the "Creation Museum," a sister attraction of the Ark Encounter.

The museum has whiskey memorabilia that takes visitors from pre-colonial times to the post-Prohibition era and beyond. The museum, a subsidiary of the Smithsonian Institute, preserves the story behind these recordings and the music that shaped them as we know them today, as well as the stories behind them.

The artifacts come from the collections of the Kentucky Historical Society, the Kentucky Museum of Natural History and the Kentucky History Center at Kentucky State University.

In the last years of the museum, from 1990 to 1997, the collection of historical artifacts associated with the Berea College of History began systematically. In the next few years, the college developed a plan to turn the former Kentucky Museum of Natural History building on the west side of the campus into a museum collecting workshop. This project also led to the expansion of some collections and some existing artifacts on campus, including the Appalachian Museum, which began accepting artifact donations after its inception and made very limited purchases. Three-dimensional artifacts were transferred during the closure of this museum in 1998.

Downtown on State Street is now a destination, and there's something new and interesting to see in every museum. The National Quilt Museum is a great place to be visited on a trip to Kentucky for hobbyists and people who simply enjoy seeing the results of a lot of time, care and effort. It is also an $8.75 million facility that serves as a hub for tours of Berea and Kentucky. There are a variety of art galleries, galleries and galleries for children and adults as well as an art gallery for men and women.

To truly explore the history of the Appalachian Mountains and eastern Kentucky, the effects of coal mining in the region must be understood, and visitors to the Kentucky Coal Museum in Benham can do just that. The Appalachian Museum should not be confused with the Appalachian Museum in Norris, Tennessee, founded by John Rice Irwin. It includes a variety of handicrafts - the production of exhibits and a collection of artifacts and artifacts from the coal industry.

The Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory in Louisville is dominated by the largest baseball bat in the world, which leans against the side of the museum. Although well-known and nationally recognized, this Kentucky museum was named the "Best Museum" for the best museum in the United States by the National Museum of Natural History in 2014.

The town of Berea, a pop-up, is located where the bluegrass region meets the Cumberland Mountains. It is located 40 miles south of Lexington, Kentucky, and about two hours from Cincinnati and Louisville. Bluegrass meets the mountains and the city itself, where art and crafts are created, Bere a is also located.

Recognized as the folk arts and crafts capital of Kentucky, Berea features a variety of arts and crafts, as well as a number of museums, galleries and other attractions.

Winning quilts from the Kentucky State Fair and the Kentucky Arts and Crafts Festival are added to the museum's collection after a typical selection process by the National Museum of the United States of America's National Quilt Museum.

Art is in the heart of Paducah, so make sure you visit the Kentucky Arts and Crafts Festival and Kentucky State Fair. If you're looking for a little adventure outside the museum, visit the petting zoo, zip line, walk through the botanical gardens and visit Bristol in September. Art and alcohol consumption combined, you can visit both simultaneously in one day, with free admission to both. Whether you are going to a concert, a museum or a concert, this is the place to be.

In the afternoon, head south to the Kentucky Derby Museum, where you can visit the historic Churchill Downs. Sign up for a tour of the horse farm and then spend a few hours at Kentucky Horse Park. In the evening, head west to a museum that you want to visit at least three times in one day, with free admission to both.

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More About Berea