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We are pleased to introduce the second installment of our Commonwealth of Kentucky Guide today. I recently had the opportunity to spend two days with the team of Berea Tourism and I want to tell you that it was a pleasure.

I forgot to have lunch with Dr. Sean Clark, the director of the farm, but I got into conversation with him about Berea, an agricultural community where people who were advocating emancipation lived. We started with a short history lesson on the history of this agricultural city and its role in the emancipation movement. There is also much historical information about the city's history, such as the Rev. John Ledford, one of the first black Kentucky ministers, who lived and is buried in the BereA Cemetery. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Kentucky, growing 27.4% since 2000, according to the Kentucky Department of Tourism and Tourism.

Berea is also home to the TransAmerica Trail, which crosses the most beautiful part of the bluegrass state that passes through some of Kentucky's most scenic areas, such as the Appalachian Trail. This well-maintained network of paths, together with the vibrant city centre, forms the pulsating heart of the BereA tourism industry and is one of its most popular tourist attractions.

Kentucky Route 21 runs northwest from Berea to Paint Creek, east to Bighill (10 km) and from there to Knoxville, Tennessee (216 km south). Lexington is located 40 miles north of I-75, and Knox County, Kentucky's largest city, is just a few miles south. If you are traveling south of I / 75, there are restaurants in the nearest city that allow alcoholic beverages in their restaurants. The nearest cities that allow parcel sales are Lexington (50 miles east), Louisville (60 miles west) and Louisville, Kentucky (37 miles) southwest.

If you are considering staying in Berea, we recommend you stay in the historic tavern and hotel of Boone. See if Herman's can offer you a guided tour of the historic city and its historic buildings, then explore Mountain HomePlace.

Here you can pick up a brochure and ask the staff themselves which attractions are worth visiting. We are staffed by some of the most informed people in Berea, Kentucky, and can tell you everything you need to know about the events that happen to have the best barbecue in town.

Berea College of Crafts is the new state-run Artisans Center at Exit 77. People can travel from all over the country to experience the work of the masters and participate in a wide range of activities such as art classes, workshops and workshops. There is also an annual celebration of traditional music held at the Kentucky State Fairgrounds, a weekend of folk dancing and music that has kept people moving for over 60 years. There are a variety of local food trucks, live music, food vendors and more.

Visit the centre every time you visit Berea and when you come, take your travel planner brochure (see below for Buy). It's handy when you move home or for visitors or transit travelers, it tells you how to use it when you sign up.

Berea College's Student Craft Program keeps the Appalachians alive, as students can be seen weaving on the traditional loom at Sunshine Ballard Cottage. Register for a craft tour led by one of the BereA College students and learn about the program that trains students in design and crafts in specialized fields such as wood, ceramics and weaving.

If you are looking for antique crafts, books, art and toys when visiting Berea, you will find something to your taste at the Boone Square Mini Mall. I think it's a bit overpriced, but if you prefer antiques, visit the Old Town BereA on Broadway Street. If you don't have your own kayak or don't want to go around with your own check, go to KY to kayak around the river basin, if not by kayak. For those of you who are more of an antique dealer, downtown Bere a has a wide selection of antique shops and antique shops, as well as a number of art galleries and galleries.

In the afternoon, head south to the Kentucky Derby Museum, where you will visit the historic Churchill Downs, and west to Berea, where you will want to be sure you make it to at least one of the many exhibits in the museum. Enjoy views of Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati skyline on a BB Riverboat cruise in the evening. Sign up for a tour of a horse farm and then spend a few hours at Kentucky Horse Park.

Be inspired by the mood and have a whole range of restaurants and hotels in Newport and Covington. To ensure that you get the best prices when booking your bus tickets in Berea, it is important to compare the costs between operators. You can use all these services by easily comparing different routes and timetables and checking in and out at each station.

More About Berea

More About Berea